I have worked with other real estate brokers in Colorado Springs and Joy and Cindy are hands down the best. Besides the fact these women are 2 of the most experienced agents in the industry (their combined experience spans over  43 years!), their level of customer service is outstanding. I have purchased 2 investment properties and a personal residence with Joy as my agent, and she was with me for every step of the way. She took the time to understand what I was looking for in a property and she attended every property inspection, staying to the very end, so that she could understand any issues with the property and assist me in determining the best way to handle them. Believe me when I say it is rare to find an agent that provides this level of attention! Joy and Cindy are also extremely well-versed in working with VA and FHA buyers. If you’ve been through this process you know that it can be difficult to find a house that meets the criteria for these loans. Without Joy guiding me in this process, I would probably still be renting. Besides all of their experience and professionalism, Joy and Cindy are just amazing people to be around. I found the house hunting part of the process with Joy to be extremely enjoyable and never felt pressured to buy. After the closing of each of my properties, I was sad knowing I wouldn’t get to see Joy and Cindy as often anymore. This type of relationship might not be important to you, but for me it is vital. Purchasing and selling real estate is a HUGE commitment, so it’s important to feel a connection with your agent. If you are thinking about buying or selling property, do yourself a massive favor and give Joy and Cindy a call. You can thank me later.

Amanda Schneider

I had a great first time home buying experience with Joy and Cindy. Joy was great through all stages of the buying process, but her ability to navigate through the more tough parts of the negotiation really raised the level of service beyond what I would have expected. Joy and Cindy worked hard  to get contractor bids for me and really helped fight for my interests throughout the negotiations. Highly recommended!

Joel Collins

I had a great first time home buying experience with Joy and Cindy. Joy was great through all stages of the buying process, but her ability to navigate through the more tough parts of the negotiation really raised the level of service beyond what I would have expected. Joy and Cindy worked hard  to get contractor bids for me and really helped fight for my interests throughout the negotiations. Highly recommended!

Joel Collins

Cindy and Joy did a great job suggesting and arranging the staging of our house. They also did a terrific job finding comparable houses in our market. Our house has custom features that the market does not seem to want as much as square footage and acreage; however, Cindy and Joy managed to find  buyers who appreciated what our house has to offer and the wonderful neighborhood, Fox Pines, where it is located. They are both great negotiators. They were extremely helpful during the inspection follow up, finding contractors for us for the little jobs that needed to be done. Their knowledge extends to recommending an excellent moving company, an auction house for selling unwanted items, and preparation for closing. I highly recommend the Constantino and Rubley Group as sellers’ agents and buyers’ agents. Cindy was our buyer’s agent when we bought this house in 2003.

Gail St. Clair

During the last 10 years, we hired Cindy and Joy for the sale of 2 homes and the purchase of another. They got both homes sold quickly and for decent prices and they worked tirelessly to help me find and purchase the third home. The three times we’ve worked with them were all great experiences  and we will definitely use them again for any future transactions. What we appreciate most though, is that Cindy and Joy really listen to their clients and respond to their wants and needs. Would highly recommend their team!


This team is the best! Very hard working, responsive, and knowledgeable, and decades of experience in our region. Great for locals and those who are relocating.

Bo Parsons

Joy Rubley is hands down the best realtor I can imagine being able to work with. Our relationship goes back to 2013ish when my husband and I were looking to move from Seattle. Even though she’s not a rental agent, she talked to me on the phone while I was in Seattle for 45 minutes telling me in  detail lots of her thoughts on real estate in the area (this, her response to me, a stranger with no referral essentially cold-calling her). Then she took the time out of her schedule to help show us some rental properties when we flew to Colorado Springs for a couple days that Fall. This in and of itself was completely above and beyond in my estimation. After we had happily been renting for a couple years, we were finally ready to buy our first home and Joy was incredible to work with. Being first time buyers can be really stressful and there are so many complicated details. Joy made every part of the process a breeze, even when things weren’t going perfectly with sellers and even through a first-time home offer abort. The best thing about Joy is that she explains everything to you very clearly because she truly wants her clients to be able to make well-informed decisions. She doesn’t pull any punches and won’t try to shield you from the truth. She’ll point out possible red flags in any property to help make sure you’re thinking through everything. She’s intelligent, thoughtful and nuanced in helping you determine offer details. She won’t rush you and she’s not in this business just to sell you quick — she wants what’s right for you and your family and will be honest and have your back every step of the way. She’s also tremendously patient and a paragon of professionalism. We have been happily in our home for a few years and this last winter my family re-employed Joy to help find a new home for my parents who are moving from St. Louis. Likewise, Joy could not have been more involved, patient, understanding and supportive to my parents who were going through this huge change (they’ve lived in St. Louis for over 60 years!!). Joy even did research on the side with her Dad to find potential lots for sale for the exploration of building a new home. My parents ended up buying an existing home and they are so glad to have had Joy to work with and I’m not sure we could’ve pulled off finding them such a perfect new home without her. In addition, Joy’s Mom Cindy is also a wizard behind the scenes – I cannot count the number of times she – usually unbidden – was doing research on various things just to try and help me and my family better plan or feel at ease or have peace of mind. Right down to looking into Recreation Centers where my Mom might be able to go swim when she moves, places where my folks might store their RV or researching reputable contractors for certain home needs we anticipated. In short, Joy and Cindy are a dream team and I literally can’t imagine working with anyone else, ever. My parents love Joy so much they wished she could help them sell their house in St. Louis! If you are in need of the best, most supportive realtors on Earth, PLEASE, look no further!!

James & Maggie Botts

We moved to Colorado Springs in 2015 and purchased our first home sight unseen with the assistance of Joy. She was incredibly knowledgeable, detail oriented and prompt in responding to our calls and e-mails. She walked us through the homebuying process and couldn’t be happier in our chosen home in  a prime location!

Nikki & John Rubley

Buying and selling houses and property is not a simple process, but somehow Joy Rubley made the process easy to us (I know she worked her tail off) and she made the whole process simple to follow! Including having all paper work and needed items in one place one time vs piecemealing it to us each  day.

Jon & Jen Furda

We were difficult clients — the kind of people who come in from out of town repeatedly and ask to see dozens of homes on short notice. Joy was not only incredibly patient with us, she was also amazingly resourceful and efficient, always getting us in to see the places we wanted to see. When  we were finally ready to put in an offer, and it was countered and we had to negotiate to find mutual agreement, Joy and Cindy worked hand in hand to guide us through the entire process. They helped us find a good home inspector, find contractors to do some work on the house prior to moving in, and answered a million questions patiently and effectively. They were both absolutely terrific, every step of the way!

Dan & Susan Sullivan

The mother/daughter team are fantastic! We found our “dream” house and it received 3 offers in addition to ours. Because Cindy and Joy are so familiar with the neighborhoods, the current market conditions, and have great relationships with other realtors, they helped us edge out the other offers.  Now we are loving our home sweet home because of them. Ever grateful!

Eric & Kelly Parthen

Cindy provided a great deal of know-how and had all the right contacts to get things done to prepare our older home for sale. She and her daughter are a great team and earn every penny of their commission.

Kim D.

I was looking at properties on Trulia, and they were listed as the agents. I asked several questions, they promptly answered them, which helped me to make a decision on their listed property. I could not have asked for any better service.

Walt K.

I worked with Cindy and Joy while buying my first home. They were both knowledgeable, friendly, and helped my husband and me find the PERFECT first home. I would 100% suggest them to anyone trying to purchase a home.

Blake & Autumn Shelby