As your Seller’s Agent we have an exclusive relationship with you to represent you in selling real estate.  We are considered the Seller’s Broker.

Below is a summary of our services as a Seller’s Agent.

  • Perform the terms of any written or oral agreement with the Seller
  • Present all offers
  • Disclose to Seller adverse material facts actually known by Broker
  • Advise Seller regarding the transaction and advise Seller to obtain expert advice as to matters that are beyond the expertise of the Broker
  • Account in a timely manner for all monies and property received
  • Keep Seller fully informed regarding transaction

Broker shall not disclose the following information without the informed consent of Seller:

  • That the Seller is willing to accept less than the asking price
  • What the Seller’s motivating factors are for selling the property
  • That Seller will agree to financing terms other than those offered
  • Any information about the Seller unless disclosure is required by law
  • Any facts or suspicions regarding circumstances which would psychologically impact or stimatize a property